Infinite Guarantee

Outdoor Research® products are built with only the highest quality standards, rigorously tested, and with your total satisfaction as our goal. We want to see our customers use our gear to its full potential, which will include natural weathering from outdoor environments. Because of this, we do not accept warranties for this type of normal wear and tear, or for products that have been handled against their intended use, involved in accidents, defaced, or sold from non-authorized dealers. Our warranty does not cover user-created damages like rips, tears, burns, or holes. To lengthen the life of your gear, our customer service team is happy to send you some tenacious tape patches. Note that patches can only be sent to a US or CA address.

***Note: Products with SMS tags, or that have tags marked with an X, are not valid for warranty.***

If you have any questions about the Infinite Guarantee®, or about filling out your warranty form, or would like to request some patches to extend the life of your gear, you can reach our customer service team at 855-967-8197 (Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm PST), or by emailing

We unfortunately do not ship direct to consumers outside of the US and Canada, however, our international retailers are very familiar with our warranty. Please feel free to utilize our store finder to check out a location near you that can assist with your warranty claim. Please note that efforts may be delayed in various countries due to COVID-19 shop closures.





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